“Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” - Book of Revelations

“Rock and roll isn’t a career or hobby—it’s a life force.” - The Edge

Good morning from the content farm. Some good news to kick off. Last week’s click through rate was 60% and the suits in the corner offices are thrilled with progress. In the world of the blind, the “audience team” is king, and the success of any truly “modern” band is in the ability to adapt to digital.


Filming begins for an upcoming “project” next week. Current discussion in the corner-offices as to whether clowns are “played out” as cultural touch points. Are clowns a “thing” anymore? Will clown references age us? Will “fear of clowns” bridge the air gap to generation alpha? Content creation is exhausting work and I am proud to be surrounded by a label team willing to wrestle with these complex questions.


A well known industry big-mouth has been spreading news that a “major 90s headliner” is in late-stage talks for a headline run next summer. Brotherly love back in fashion?


“I can’t take credit for inventing the mullet, but I can certainly lay claim to extending the envelope for what the mullet can mean.” - The Edge


Most of your mail was unpublishable filth. Thank you to Ben K from Watford Gap for this heartfelt note. All letters, comments and unfounded gossip to spoughtsteem@gmail.com

Hi Alex,

About 8 months ago you changed a tyre on the M1- Watford Gap Services and I asked the stupid question to Ben of “Are you those guys in Sports Team I love you guys!”. Very embarrassing! I accidentally made one of your burgers wrong too as it was my first time in kitchen, I want to formally apologise to you all for this as it was very unprofessional of me!

Many thanks,

Ben K (that maccies kid)


Hi Ben, I remember that day well. We spent ten hours on the forecourt and went through two tyre changes before we could get the van back on the road. Our spare tyre was flat and the replacement was the wrong size for the van. This sounds like a “fun adventure” but it was very dispiriting. Touring is only fun in retrospect. Talk last week of doing the next tour via zoom. We would “dial in” to venues. Merch could be digital tokens, you trade with your friends or post on socials. There are some logistics to sort, but I think it could work with the “right angle”. You would mosh alone in your bedroom or with a few close friends. Order in a pizza, then log in to the new Sports Team gig with millions of other fans from across the world. Tap along to your favorite songs and “like and share” the best bits with built in content creation tools. Woodstock for the “Tik Tok” generation. No annoying queues for the bar.

Some professional questions. As someone who has seen behind the curtain at McDonalds what is “your” order? What menu items would you avoid and why? Do you know any menu hacks? How is McDonalds to work for as a corporation?

Have you spotted a member of Sports Team out and about? Write in to spoughtsteem@gmail.com with the caption line “Spotted”


I am the mountain, I am the sea. - Biffy Clyro